Thesis Students

MA. Students:

Ph.D. Students:

Seda Özdemir, The Urban Scene of Republican Culture, 1923-1950.

Lokman Ayva, The History of Disability During the Late Ottoman and Early Republican Era.

Başak Akgül, The Cultural Ecology and the Social Organization of the Nomadic Artisans in 19th Century Ottoman Empire.

Özkan Akpınar, Geography, Territoriality and State Formations: Eastern Anatolia During the Hamidian Era.

Gülseren Duman, The Social and Political Transformations in Ottoman Kurdistan, 1847-1891.

Süheyla Nil Moustafa, Early Twentieth Century Ottoman Newspapers and the Representation of the New Ottoman Police.

Mehmet Polatel, Confiscated Armenian Properties: the Battleground between the Ottoman State, the Armenians and the Kurdish Tribes.

Laden Yurttaguler, Politics of Reproduction, Birth-Control and Women’s Health between the 1950s and the 1980s in Turkey.

Theses Supervised:


Alpkan Birelma (2016), In Search of the “Working Class”: Workers’ Subjectivity and Agency in a Neighborhood of Istanbul.

Barış Alp Özden (2011), Working Class Formation in Turkey, 1946-1962.


Nazif Koca, The Montenegrin Frontier of the Ottoman Empire: Loyalties and Frontier Defense (1863-1870).

Sema Yaşar Baraç, Nestorians, Kurds, and the State: The Struggle to Survive in the Frontier in the Late Ottoman Period, 1839-1908.

Gizem Cimşit, Conscription in the Nineteenth Century Ottoman Empire: Its Reflections on the Lives of Ordinary People and Resistance, 1843-1876.

Erhan Bektaş, The “Tanzimat State” in the Ottoman Iraq: Tribes, Ideology/Shiism and Taxation, 1830-1910.


– Sibel Kama (2012), The 2002 Civil Code: Its reflections on the Human Rights of Women.

– Selin Yeleser (2011), A Turning Point in the Formation of the Kurdish Left in Turkey: The Revolutionary Eastern Cultural Hearths (1969-1971).

– İbrahim Kuran (2010): The Practice of Renaming Places in Turkey: An Anthropological Perspective on Spatio-Temporal Politics.

– Özkan Akpınar (2010): Geographical Imagination in School Geography during the Late Otoman Period, 1876-1908.

– Taner Mirza (2010): The Role of the İstanbul Stock Exchange as a Source of Financing in the Quest for Global Integration.

– Akın Sefer (2009) The Docks of the Revolution: The Struggles of the Port Workers of Istanbul in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century.

– Bengü Kurtege (2009) The Historical Politics of The Juvenile Justice System and the Operation of Law in the Juvenile Court in Istanbul in Regard to Property Crimes.

– Edip Gölbaşı (2008) The Yezidis and the Ottoman State: Modern Power, Military Conscription, and Conversion Policies, 1830-1909.

– Selim Özgen (2008) The “Ballast” of Istanbul: A Critique of the Spatial Reorganization of Industrial Production in Gebze.

– Başak Deniz Özdağan (2008) Experiences of September 12 Coup d’état in Turkish Novels of 1980s.

– Didem Türkoğlu (2008) Snapshots of Popular Turkish Nationalism: Neo-Kemalism, Bestsellers and Facebook.

– Mehmet Evren Dinçer (2007) The Transformation of an Industrial Location: Dilovasi from 1990s to Present.

– İzi Karakaş (2007) An Analysis of Policies Towards the Born Disabled, Victims of Work Accidents and Natural Disasters During the Hamidian Era (1876-1909) (History Department)

– Ceren Ilıkan (2006) Tuberculosis, Medicine and Politics: Public Health in the Early Republican Turkey.

– Bilgen Komut (2006) A Reading Practice as the Consumption of Leisure Time: Hayat Magazine 1980-1986.

– Seçil Yılmaz (2005) Visualization of Culture, History and Memory in Turkey: Museum Politics in the Post-1980s.

– İlker Cörüt (2005) Social Rationality of Lower-Class Criminal Practices in the Late Nineteenth Century İstanbul.

– Murat Altun (2005) The Photocopied 1990s: Youth, Culture, and Fanzines.

– Ohannes Kılıçdağı (2005) The Bourgeois Transformation and Ottomanism Among Anatolian Armenians After the 1908 Revolution.

– Nurtaç Numan (2005) The Emirs of Mecca and the Ottoman Government of Hijaz, 1840-1908 (History Deparment).

– Sinem Özer (2004) Turkey’s Experience with Microcredit: The New Governmental Strategy.

– Laden Yurttagüler (2004) Social Policies on Female Body in Turkey in the 1930s.

– Nilay Özok (2004) “Social Development” as a Governmental Strategy in the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP).

– Zeynep Şahin (2004) Philanthropic Women’s NGOs as a Way of Participation in the Public Sphere: A Case of Women’s Education and the Culture Foundation.

– Tuğba Tekerek (2004) Discourses on the Economic Crises of 1979 and 2001 from a Comparative Perspective.

– Can Nacar (2004) Working Class in Turkey During World War II Period: Between Social Policies and Everyday Experiences.

– Burak Gürel (2004) Political Mobilization in Turkey in the 1970s: The Case of the Kahramanmaraş Incidents.

– Mehmet Yerçil (2004) European Interest in Eskisehir and Its Meerschaum Industry in the Nineteenth Century.

– İbrahim Halil Kalkan (2004) Medicine and Politics in the Late Ottoman Empire (1876-1909).

– Selen Göbelez (2003) The History of Social Services in Republican Turkey: Social Change, Professionalism and Politics.

– Mehmet Oytun Yılmaz (2003) The 1897 Greko-Ottoman War (History Department)