Course Syllabuses


Graduate Seminars:

ATA 594: State Formation, Anthropological Perspectives: The Late Ottoman Empire (Fall 2012, Fall 2011, Fall 2009)Syllabus.

ATA 501: State Formation, Anthropological Perspectives: The Late Ottoman Empire (Fall 2008)Syllabus.

ATA 684: Sources and Methods in Ottoman History (Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Spring 2011, Spring, 2010, Spring 2009, Spring 2007, Spring 2005, Spring 2004)Syllabus.

ATA 594: The Politics of Taxation (Spring 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2013)Syllabus.

ATA 501: History, Modernity, Ideology: Critical Perspectives on History Writing in Turkey (Spring 2008)Syllabus.

ATA 581: Selected Topics in Social Theory and History: Crime, Justice and the Institutions of Coercion in Modern Society (Fall 2007)Syllabus.

ATA 599: Topics in Modern European History: Crisis of Modernity, Fascism, and Revolutionary Ideologies in Bourgeois Europe (Spring 2007)Syllabus.

ATA 501: Methods and Approaches in Turkish History (Spring 2006)Syllabus.

ATA 581: Theories of Empire and Imperialism after the “Imperial Turn” (Fall 2005, Fall 2006)Syllabus.

ATA 594: State and Society in the Nineteenth-Century Ottoman Empire (Spring 2005)Syllabus.

ATA 661: Topics on the Late Ottoman Era/The Armenian Question (Fall 2006, Fall 2004)Syllabus.

ATA 581: Power and Rule in Modern Society (Spring 2004)Syllabus.

ATA 681: Topics in the Economic and Social History of the Late Ottoman Era (Fall 2003)Syllabus.

ATA 507: Historiography (Fall 2003, Fall 2002)Syllabus.

ATA 518: Modernity, History, Ideology (Summer 2003)Syllabus.

ATA 612: Reading in State Theory and History (Spring 2003)Syllabus.

ATA 612: Readings in Theory and History: Civil Society and Public Spheres, (Spring 2002)Syllabus.

ATA 611: Social Welfare and Politics in History (Fall 2001)Syllabus.

Courses Taught at MAPES/MIR:

ES 555, Turkey and Its Neighboors (Spring 2013)Syllabus.

ES 557, Modern Empires (Summer 2012)Syllabus.

Undergraduate Courses:

HIST 415: Seminar in Ottoman History-I/State and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1876-1909 (Fall 2002, Fall 2001)Syllabus.

HIST 416: Seminar in Ottoman History-II/Social History of the Second Constitutional Period, 1908-1918 (Spring 2003, Spring 2002)Syllabus.

GIAH 106: World History (Spring 2005, Spring 2004), Syllabus.

HTR 311: History of Turkish Republic I (Summer 2013-2002), Syllabus.

HTR 312: History of Turkish Republic II (Summer 2010-2005), Syllabus.


HIST 215: History of Modern Europe (Spring 2011, Fall 2010, Summer 2010, Spring 2009, Summer 2009)Syllabus.

HIST 216: History of Modern Middle East (Spring 2011)Syllabus.

HIST 401: Contemporary World History, 1900-1939 (Summer 2008)Syllabus.


HIST 121: The Middle East Since 1453 (Spring 2001), Syllabus.

HIST 275: The Twentieth Century Middle East (Fall 2000), Syllabus.